The Alumni Executive is made up of four working committees.

Communications Committee

Terms of Reference

Communication is an all-encompassing term for the sharing of information and ideas. The role of this committee is to develop and enhance the lines of communication with all our Alumni. As an Association we do  have so very much to share.

We work in partnership with the editor of Update, the Alumni Magazine, to ensure the exciting news from the Departments is disseminated to you and that you are aware of all the upcoming alumni events.

The Communications Committee is currently working to update our website and to implement a strategy for electronic communications with all the alumni to keep you informed and up-to-date. We really want you to continue to feel a part of the university from which you graduated.

 We would love to hear your ideas and any news which you wish to share. 


The Spring Reunion & Events Committee

Terms of Reference

This committee plans and executes the annual Spring Reunion activities for the PT and OT Alumni Association and arranges special events to promote the Association, engage the members and helps to raise funds to support the activities of the Association. 

The committee reports to the Executive Committee of the PT/OT Alumni Association and the Chairman is appointed by the Executive Committee and sits as a members of that Committee.

The committee leases with the U of T Alumni Relations office to coordinate its plans with all University-wide activities and to ensure that PT/OT Alumni members are kept informed. 

The committee must regularly seek stakeholder input to explore potential activities and ensure that activities are reflective of the current interests of the Association and its members. 


Affiliations and Relationships