Facts & Figures

 The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Alumni Association represents in excess of 6000 alumni who are graduates of the Departments of Physical Therapy and/or Occupational Therapy. The Alumni Association was established approximately 35 years ago and focuses on maintaining communications with members of the Alumni as well as supporting the Departments and their students. The Executive and committee members of the Alumni Association are all alumni members/ volunteers who are tireless in their commitment and spend countless hours in meeting these objectives.

In accordance with our Mission statement we aim to:

       develop and maintain contact with Alumni for social and professional purposes

       provide information about our alma mater, the faculty, the students and our Alumni

       recognize and reward academic and professional excellence

       assist the students with their educational, professional and fundraising initiatives

       participate in fundraising to support the Alumni Association and its constituents

We achieve this through the publication of two magazine issues per year, the development and maintenance of a website, holding special events and hosting an annual Reunion Function in association with Spring Reunion events at the University. In addition to our communication and special events the Alumni Association presents an Achievement Award annually to an alumnus/a in each of the professions of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, who has shown excellence in their profession in scholarly activity, therapeutic practice, administration, education of PT/OT students, political activity / advocacy. The year 2016 will represent the 22nd year that these Awards have been presented. It is an accomplishment of which we are extremely proud.

This chart shows the distribution of our membership and we know that we are missing the largest cohort of our membership in particular alumni who are below age 60.